Emily Pilton

The Barking Mad Boss

Emily is the heart of the Canine Country, the boss, the passionate dog groomer, the Hoopers teacher, the show organiser, the social guru, and, above all, the person you can have a friendly chat with.

You may have already read about Emily’s infectious passion for all dogs but there’s more to tell – Here’s a little secret, it’s doesn’t stop at dogs, it’s all animals! Emily is also horse mad and from a young age has always had horse around her, part of her farm and country life but also the origins of her deep bonded friendship with animals.

Emily’s childhood was always within touching distance of real life, sheep, lambs, chickens, cows, calves, and lots more… and of course the dogs and horses. Many special friends and a few broken heart moments but what an education! Emily learnt difficult lessons but also how to care, nurture, and sometimes join in with one of those proud moments when she had help save a life.

The next step, well, of course, it had to be working with a vet as a student assistant, a challenging and steep learning curve with many difficult and heartfelt lessons but finding her place in this caring world was all fulfilling.

Now Emily knew something was missing – the connection with people, she followed her heart; training, qualifying, and then practising as a Community Nurse. Time spent with people, helping, caring, and sharing their problems, just being there for them, sadly sometimes at the end.

During these times, the love of animals still burned, so flights were booked, and it was off to Africa for periods of Volunteer work with lions, elephants, rhino, and in the community health clinics of Zimbabwe. Great adventures that touched her soul, brought new perspectives, and affirmed her commitment and calling to care deeply for both animals and people.

Today, Emily has put deeper roots down in her Somerset home with her dogs Polly, Wispa and Hank … and not forgetting Keira the horse.