Chris Pilton

The Farmer

Chris, ‘The Farmer’ enjoys a bit of farming and a dog or two (or three, or four!)

His passion for dogs is probably as crazy as the dogs around him!
He loves to talk about dogs, farming, building, and the weather, best leave it at that because that’s plenty enough!

Working in his tractor has given him plenty of thinking time – he has answers to many problems and many theories where there are no answers but be prepared if you have a chat, it could be a long one so find a gate to lean on! He could be described as a walking encyclopaedia on all canine matters.

The Farmer’s main passion is a working type of dog but watch carefully and you will see a sparkle in his eye for any dog, he’ll find the best in each and every one of them. He has definitely got a bit of a soft spot for pups and young dogs, with lots of skill and patience for moulding and shaping their futures.
The Farmer has trained dogs and competed in many dog sports over several decades, the trophy box is full, with a Kennel Club Working Trial Champion at the top of the list.

Search dogs, tracking dogs, scent detection, working trials, sheepdogs, police dogs, prison service dogs the list could go on, the Farmer has a comprehensive practical and in-depth understanding coupled with a true passion.