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Welcome to an exclusive salon – Emily’s Canine Country GroomRoom warmly invites you to browse our complete range of dog grooming services and pampers for your very special best friend.

We love all dogs – all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Packages and options are based on your dog and your preferences with careful consideration of those very personal matters of your dog’s nature, age, and health.

Our GroomRoom is a modern, fully equipped, clean, and hygienic dog grooming salon that provides a calm and dog-friendly environment designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all our doggy friends and visitors.  

We are City & Guilds and OCN qualified, award-winning, and fully insured dog groomers, our qualifications are industry recognised and accredited to meet the very latest national standards within the Animal Care sector.

We are very proud of our qualifications but the really important thing we want to tell you about is that warm GroomRoom feel, it’s all about your dog – the happy welcoming faces, the gentle and caring touch, the comforting hand, the soothing and calming words, that loving feel of the home.

Our pricing is flexible, affordable, and competitive, caring service without compromise.

Become part of the Emily’s Canine Country GroomRoom family, we love our regular visiting friends – feet and paws. We feel really privileged to have made many forever friends who we can regularly groom and keep looking stunning right from a pup through to their golden years.

Enjoy a browse through the packages and options and remember we are always here for a friendly chat.


Waggy Walks

We all have busy lives, do you sometimes run out of hours in the day and wish you could have given your dog a little more of a walk?

We can help – Emily’s Canine Country offers an exciting dog walking service.

Introducing our Waggy Walks…

We will take your dog on a one2one walk for up to an hour of healthy exercise around our private Canine Country; green rolling pastures, woodlands to explore, and even a dip in the pond if it’s warm enough.

The length of the adventure will depend on your dog’s health and fitness, each walk will be tailored to your dog. If you have more than one dog, we are more than happy to take out more than one dog from the same household.

A Waggy Walk can be added into our Diamond Grooming Package, a bespoke combination of fun, exercise, and GroomRoom services, this means not only would you be collecting a tired dog but also a dog that looks and smells amazing!

This is one of our top tail wagging services!

Teeth Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your dog’s teeth is the most important factor in preventing dental disease. We offer ultrasonic dental care for dogs using the first 100% ultrasonic toothbrush from Emmi-Pet. Treatments will help prevent many oral problems including periodontitis, inflammation of the gums, the formation of tartar, and generally bad breath.

The toothbrush is vibration and noise-free; no pressure is needed so having their teeth cleaned is a gentle and pleasant procedure that will really help look after your dog’s oral hygiene.

We will always be very careful in introducing this technique to your dog, it may take several sessions to ensure that your dog is happy and relaxed with the treatment, but the results will be dazzling!


Paws and nails need regular attention to ensure good paw health, we provide routine maintenance treatments and we also have a few special options if you are looking for that individual look.

We really enjoy the Pawdicure treatments, we get to sit quietly and calmly with your dog whilst gently tending to their nails and paws, it’s all about the stress-free pamper!

Pawdicure options:

Standard Pawdicure: Basic routine nail trimming to maintain short nails

Deluxe Pawdicure: Nail trimming and file shaping with a paw massage using moisturising paw balm.

Our Paw Balm is a 100% natural product containing hemp oil, used to protect and repair paws naturally. The treatment will moisturise and condition to relieve cracked, irritated, and dry paws or help in the healing process of irritated or sore paws.


Emily is an approved and trained Petlog microchip implanter.

Petlog is managed by The Kennel Club – a trusted name in animal welfare.

If you need your dog microchipped, we can offer this service in our GroomRoom by appointment. If you think your dog will find microchipping stressful, we will arrange a quiet time of day to help your dog through this and we will always make sure we have a tasty doggy treat ready to reward.

Grooming Training

Would you like some help in learning how to groom your dog?

We can offer you tuition packages on a one2one basis with Emily in our GroomRoom.

You will need to bring your dog for these sessions, we will provide tuition in the practical requirements of grooming your dog, along with information on the best equipment you would need to achieve this.

Please contact Emily for a chat and further details.







Friendly, personal and caring

"Emily and her team are fantastic we wouldn’t go anywhere else, super friendly and professional but above all else a top Groomer"

Gary Chorley