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Emily’s Canine Country, lush green fields, woodlands, streams, ponds, and memorable sunsets, come through our farmgate and get to know us… Well, it all started almost before my time with the mad, crazy dog man, my dad Chris Pilton. For dad, life was all about dogs and the dogs needed a farm! So, I grew up on a small traditional Somerset family farm enjoying all the best of farm and country life … and of course, dogs, and more dogs… and, puppies! Dad became known as ‘The Farmer’ and our country life provided a place called home for our family including all the dogs.

For us, dogs and farming are just a way of life, a life we would never change. It’s like a dream but it is also very real – you can connect with it and touch it, there are real highs and lows, but we always value just being part of the ways of country life.

Growing up on the farm, experiencing a bit of life, and becoming a bit dog crazy too, the time arrived for some of my own dreams along with the need to make an honest living.

Emily’s GroomRoom opened its doors, a new dog grooming business, lots of dogs but I was creating dogs with style, hey, dreams can come true! Dad’s kept busy working on his own little project – building some real luxurious accommodation for dog boarding and doggy day-care. Dads’ crazy ambitions have once again surfaced, and the little project is shaping up to rather large proportions!

Emily’s GroomRoom was blossoming and inspiring new ideas! It was time to pool all the resources; passion, experience, and knowledge and make some serious plans with Dad!

Let the sun rise on Emily’s Canine Country

Emily’s GroomRoom now becomes a part of Emily’s Canine Country as Emily’s Canine Country Groomroom – an exciting future? Oh Yes, tail wagging 100%!

EMILY’S CANINE COUNTRY is a small green seedling of a company just beginning its growth and pushing out of the soil, there is a lot of growing to do and flowers will come.

No surprises here, we are all about dogs, we make no excuses, we are madly passionate about them, but our business is equally about people, you matter too.

We may be a little old fashioned but that is about caring, finding out how we can help, being interested, spending those extra few minutes – in the end, it’s all about a smiling face and a wagging tail.

If we are given one word to describe ourselves it would have to be FRIENDLY – because we are – people trust us, dogs love us!! There’s lots to read on what we can offer your dog on our website but most importantly…

WE ARE DOG PEOPLE – we live with them, sense their needs, feel their excitement, become part of their life journey, look into their eyes, and understand them – it’s far from just a service we offer!

“It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” – John Grogan

This story will continue, it is always going to be about dogs… and more dogs, the little green seedling is growing, come and join with us in Emily’s Canine Country way of life.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip into our country and don’t forget the farmgate is always there to lean on when you would like to have a chat with us.

Emily x



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Emily Pilton

The Barking Mad Boss

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"Emily and her team are fantastic we wouldn’t go anywhere else, super friendly and professional but above all else a top Groomer"

Gary Chorley







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