Fun Games & Learning


We know your dog is a really special part of your family, but do you have that truly bonded relationship? We have the key and answers to this through fun and games.

Open the gate on this one and you will see how passionate we are about the benefits of playing and having fun with ALL dogs. Healthy life and good relationships with all dogs are both built and improved through daily positive fun interactions.

Positive and stress-free learning can all be achieved naturally through structured fun and games, are you looking for a well-balanced dog that is both a healthy and content dog?

We have the knowledge and facilities to help both you and your dog to learn, develop, and most importantly achieve this in an enjoyable and fun environment.

There are no rules to fun, games, and learning, we aim to balance the needs of both owners and their dogs, to develop their relationship.


First Steps

A new member of the family has arrived, an adorable puppy, daily life immediately changes including those late nights and early wakeups!

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The whole family embraces the puppy with warm affection and that special friendship begins to grow. We love meeting all new pups with their proud families, always a time to have the camera to hand.

Giving your puppy a good start in life will open the door on the route to a balanced healthy adult dog so we always make sure all puppies visiting us get those extra special moments of attention and care.

Pups first experiences are so important to build confidence, we provide safe, secure, and dedicated areas for your pup to meet new faces and experience different surroundings. We also have many years of practical puppy educational experience; we are here to help and provide practical advice for any of those tricky little puppy problems. We know how to help you mould and shape your energetic pup and will help create that individual program of building blocks to give pup that all important foundation for growth into a happy, full of fun and balanced adult, a caring guiding hand leading the way.

Come and meet one of our own adult dogs and see the results of investing in our puppy educational program, it’s just knowing how to get their little paws on the road to success.


Canine Hoopers is a really fun sport.

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It’s top of our list as a great, healthy, low impact activity for both dogs and people of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Like agility, but much less demanding on your dog’s body so is highly recommended as suitable for all dogs including puppies and golden oldies!

However, if you are an athletic team don’t be put off because it can be as fast and furious as you like to make it!

Emily is an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor who provides positive reward-based training in our private, safe environment by group or 1:1 sessions.

Have some fun, prepare for a Hoopers competition, or work towards a Good Hooper’s Award, it’s whatever suits you and all at your pace.

We do like lots of smiling, laughter, and wagging tails though – the Hoopers way!

Training & Advice

Hey, dog training, sounds easy enough doesn’t it?  You get a dog trainer, soon your dog is trained, problem solved

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But a new problem arrives, so what was wrong with the dog trainer and why did your dog not understand?

Now, our CV collects over 30 years’ worth of dog experience covering a very broad range of many practical canine issues.  What we do know is the fact that every dog is different from the next and every dog’s human partner is equally slightly different.

So, if you need to change or mould your dog’s behaviour, in other words ‘train your dog’ this is how we would look to find your answers and help:

To begin with, we LISTEN, this can involve quite a lot of talking and a good few cups of tea but it’s really important.  Then we look at the bigger picture of you and your dog – the whole relationship and lifestyle.  It’s now time to draw on our experience CV and look for flexible and practical solutions that you are comfortable working with.  We help YOU to understand and ADAPT our methods to help you achieve your goals one step at a time, one paw at a time.

Fun & Play

We passionately encourage fun and play as a core activity with EVERY dog.

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You want your best friend to be happy, healthy, and balanced with a fulfilled life – fun and play is a big part of the answer.

It’s so important that we provide coaching sessions for owners and their dogs in developing play.

Dogs have different personalities, some can’t get enough fun, others may be a little more hesitant about having a game but we can help you using our flexible approach.

Puppies and young dogs are particularly welcome here because the learning foundation of positive structured play is so important for their initial learning and their further development throughout later life.

Unleash the fun in your dog, enjoy the freedoms, let us help you make a real difference!

Dog Walking

Do you need to give your dog that little bit more – but it’s just so difficult to find the time?

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Emily’s Canine Country has both experienced dog walkers and some fantastic private country walks so we can help you.  We’ve called the walks “Waggy Walks”, the name just stuck because their tails keep excitably wagging the whole time!

We will take your dog on a one2one walk for up to an hour of healthy exercise around our private Canine Country; green rolling pastures with woodlands to explore and even a very tempting pond.  The length of the adventure will depend on your dog’s health and fitness, each walk will be tailored to your dog.  If you have more than one dog, we are more than happy to walk dogs from the same household together.

Now, fun and learning can go together so if it would help you we can put a few little bits of structure into the walk, a little learning module, a little mental stimulation, just let us know what you need and we will be happy to help. 

When a Waggy Walk day is over they will sleep well, you may even catch them dreaming about their Canine Country Waggy Walk! 

Scent & Track

Sniff, sniff, sniff… all dogs just love to have a good sniff on all those tempting smells!

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Let’s not go into the science of the incredible capabilities of a dog’s nose but we can say for sure that this is a big, big part of your dog’s daily life and some real fun can be had!

Scenting and tracking are both parts of what is often called nosework, basically, this is ‘sniff with a purpose’.  Now, what better than to let them enjoy this activity as part of a structured game with positive rewards and lots of fun.  We love being creative in developing new fun ‘find’ games for all those crazy detective pets who need to burn off energy, with all the added benefits of a little mental stimulation.

We provide and encourage all nosework activities which range from a purely fun game to working disciplines such as Detection and Search & Rescue dogs.

If your dog is a worker or after a gold medal then best you have a chat with the dog crazy Chris Pilton, also known as the ‘The Farmer’.  He will talk all day about nosework, he has a very long history with a very broad and in-depth practical knowledge of the subject.  He is our Accredited Assessor for the UK Tracking Dog Association and also has a Kennel Club Working Trials Champion qualification within his hefty CV.

Service dogs or sports dogs, tracking and scent detection work, we will lead you towards our proven track record and superb private facilities.

But just to remind you it’s not all work here – there’s always some fun going on with those pet detectives, join in with the sniff, sniff, sniff country fun!


Competitive Sports

Hey, there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

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If you see yourself and your dog on the winners’ podium there are many varieties of dog sports with events across the country.  Some are seriously competitive, some just good social fun.  All sports have similar benefits, getting out and about with your dog, enjoying life, building a strong relationship with your dog, and chasing those proud moments as a team.

Emily’s Canine Country offers extensive private outdoor space in a unique countryside setting perfect for many dog sport activities and events; along with lots of knowledge and advice whether you are just interested or already in the running.


Social Dog Walks

Emily’s Canine Country is part of our own Somerset farm, a beautiful piece of the countryside that boasts some unique dog walks.

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We all know how important it is to be able to spend quality time and build close relationships with our dogs, so we regularly organise small social dog walks.

A bit of quality social time between dog folks, which quite often includes a few cups of tea and some very special homemade cakes!  There’s always plenty to chat about and it’s a great opportunity for the dogs to mix and interact.

Through the summer months, we also hold some social fun activity evenings.  These evenings are always about having fun with your dog and sometimes there is the opportunity to put your skills to the test with a rosette up for grabs!


Fun Dog Shows

Emily’s Canine Country Fun Dog Show is an exciting part of our annual calendar and you may also see our Fun Shows at other local events.

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The shows have grown over several years and are now eagerly anticipated doggy family events, where many talented family dogs of all breeds and sizes can really take centre stage for a great howl of a day.

Lots of different classes with fun activities which can get quite competitive, lots of paws all chasing those special prize rosettes and goody bags, smiling faces and wagging tails, that’s a good show for us!

Follow us and watch out for the shows, join in the fun!


Turn on the fun & excitement for your dog

"Couldn’t recommend Emily and her team enough!!
Along with a perfect dog groom on both dogs, we have participated in Hoopers dog agility and really enjoyed every session. 5*"

Hannah Dunston